Vital Patient Care Connection

A software solution with a mobile app companion providing a lifeline of connectivity for pharmacies, providers & payers. Our solution ensures an optimal therapeutic experience for patients receiving multiple prescription medications.

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The Need

Over 70% patients face difficulty in following their therapeutic schedule for:

• Medication Management (78% are addressable)
• Starting, continuing, refilling on-time
• Routing vitals, activity monitoring & follow-ups

Adversely impacts their health which results in loss to pharamcies, providers, hospitals, PBM & payers.

The Benefit

RxNetwork enables Payers and PBMs to limit risk & increase star ratings

Today non-adherence related expenses equals $105 billion. With RxNetwork timely interventions will result in a 60% reduction in expenses (a value of 60 Billion per year.

This achieves improved performance measures and resulting in reduced payouts while patients and customers gain enhanced care.

RxNetwork enables Providers to minimize penalties & optimize bonus dollars

Today 500k physicians & 3,000 hospitals have a 1 – 2% loss/gain of total payments. With RxNetwork you’ll experience a 60% reduction in penalties which turns into a bonus of $3 billion per year.

All achieve efficiencies without disrupting the existing workflow.

RxNetwork enables Pharmacies to restore lost profits

35% of patients equals 85% of Rx transactions. With RxNetwork a 7-15 day reduction of refill time equals 15-20% more transactions.

They gain up to 18 additional scripts per patients– a value of $900 per patient a year.

The Solution

The Vital Connection – a SaaS solution

Ready-made tools for pharmacies, payers & Providers for effective behavior change

& Providers.

Control and engage your patients with options to intervene virtually.

Intelligent & actionable

Continuous insight
to segment and automate interventions

Caregiver, Companion app.

Features that engage and motivate all on your Android, iPhone or Kindle.


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